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havelock n : a cloth covering for a service cap with a flap extending over the back of the neck to protect the neck from direct rays of the sun

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Eponym, from Sir Henry Havelock


  1. A cap incorporating a cloth hanging down the sides and back, to protect the ears and neck; often created ad hoc by placing a kerchief on the head and holding it in place with a cap.

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The name Havelock originated as an English surname and means "sea war."
The surname has since also given rise to various place names and is often also used as a first (given) name and occasionally as a middle name.
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Havelock a cloth cover, fitted over headress, with trailing material protecting the wearers neck from the sun. First worn by soldiers in the Indian Mutiny and named after a British general involved in the campaign: Major-General Sir Henry Havelock.
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